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The Full Stack Coding program is a fifteen week immersive course in web development. It has been designed to aid participants in gaining the skills necessary to secure an entry-level position as a web developer in today’s job market. The training is focused on HTML, CSS, JavaScript MySQL, and PHP, as these languages are some core fundamental languages to develop for the World Wide Web.

By this course being a part of JSCC Career Development Department students Do Not receive credit hours towards any academics or college courses of any kind. This is a course strictly for personal growth and development of all individuals who desire to attend the Full Stack Coding training.


If any individual desires to change careers or take on a new challenge in the information technology industry as a web developer, well this is the course that makes it possible. One can acquire the necessary knowledge very quickly, without two and four years of normal academic commitment, and gain the skills they will need to pursue an ever growing and expanding career in the world of Information Technology.

With entry-level salaries starting at $40k per year, web development has become one of the most highly sought after skills today. Employers are always looking for new talent in this field, as it is and will be in-demand a great deal as we progress in the future.

Other Frameworks Libraries & Tools

Twitter Bootstrap Filezilla GitHub jQuery WordPress

You Can Code Too!

Ever wonder what it would be like to harness the web at your finger tips? Want to demystify what computer programming or coding is? Join us in the Full Stack Program! Want someone to contact you?

Don't let HTML, CSS, and JS remain foreign to you. Learn to process information also known as "data" using PHP & MySQL today.

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